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Fitchburg Hosts the Longsjo

Printing, eight 16x20 digital prints from J&R Photo, Fitchburg $160.00
Acid free mat board with 1/8inch backing foamcore, fifteen 16X20 inch with 11x14 inch window, five 16x20 with 8x10 inch window, from Culley Street Frame Shop, Fitchburg at $10.00/set $200.00
25 resealable Mylar envelopes, 16x20 inches $7.50
Soft clips, 8 packages of 10 clips @$3.00/package $24.00
Vinyl project banner $98.50
ID tag lamination $10.00

TOTAL $500.00

Fitchburg Hosts the Longsjo is funded by a grant from the Fitchburg Cultural Alliance, supported by Fitchburg State College with web hosting and use of its graphics lab, and endorsed by the Fitchburg Cycling Club.