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Radio guest spots on driverless cars:
Talking Driverless Cars on WBZ’s Nightside with Dan Rea
and Wisconsin Public Radio
Big Question: Is America Ready For Driverless Cars?

Boston Globe transportation columns:
Driverless: your next car may be your last Jan. 30, 2016
No excuse for MBTA report’s faulty math May 21, 2015
How we perceive accidents like the Amtrak crash — and why little gets done May 14, 2015
Ten things the T doesn’t need to fix March 31, 2015
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Robin on WBZ-AM’s Nightside with Dan Rea
For Pacific Standard magazine:
Long-Haul Trucking's Billion-Dollar Cargo Theft Problem Feb. 4, 2016

Boston Business Journal and American City Business Journal profiles:
Then & Now: Upscale retailer is in the right place
Then & Now: A “paper son” finds niche in Chinatown pharmacy, realty firm
Then & Now: Marcie Lancome’s journey from Texas to Boston

A daily newspaper editor, columnist, TV/radio producer and network news guest, Robin Washington’s career has touched the lives of millions. His stories have changed laws and sparked numerous reforms, while bringing recognition to ordinary people doing extraordinary things. His specialties — work that has earned some of the highest awards in journalism — are transportation, the Civil Rights Movement, the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal, the diversity of Judaism, breaking news and investigative reporting. Some of those stories will make you cry or laugh out loud. All are about the humanity behind them.

Born in Chicago in a family of black and Jewish civil rights activists, Washington participated in sit-ins and marches beginning when he was a toddler, events now documented as history-changing but that he recalls fondly as “family outings.”

He has been a commentator/guest on National Public Radio, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC News, CNN and the BBC. He is a contributing columnist for the Boston Globe on transportation and also a correspondent for the Boston Business Journal. His columns also run on, and in hundreds of newspapers nationwide.

From 2004-14, he was with Minnesota’s Duluth News Tribune, where he was the top editor after serving earlier as news director and editorial page editor.

Before moving to Duluth — for the second time — Washington was the “Roads Scholar” transportation columnist for the Boston Herald, where he also spent two years covering the Catholic Church clergy sexual abuse scandal, which he still covers for numerous newspapers. He also worked on the Boston Herald sports staff.

Washington’s 30-year print and broadcast career includes previous positions as a publisher, editor, producer and on-air reporter. This site includes a small sampling of his thousands of articles, columns and broadcasts.

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